Top 20 UK Church Leaders on Twitter

Posted by – March 14, 2011


The Church Mouse tweeted that he has exceeded 3500 followers on Twitter, which is quite some going. I asked him if he was therefore at the top of the Twurch and he said that Twitter Grader gives him 100%. He also said that it now takes a very long time to enter everyone manually into the Grader and that Peter Ould is looking at ways of automating it… (the big geek that he is). In the meantime I thought I would have a bit of a bash at grading the Twittering clergy based on the last time Mouse did it and a hunch or two (very scientific). I was going to put the Mouse at the top and then realised that he isn’t clergy! Anyway here are the results…. if you should be here and I have overlooked you please put a comment and I will correct it.

1. Rt Rev Alan Wilson alantlwilson 100
1. Mst Rev John Sentamu johnsentamu 100
3. Rev Maggi Dawn maggidawn 98.2
4. Rt Rev Nick Baines nickbaines 98
5. Rev Peter Ould peterould 96.4
6. Rev Robb Sutherland changingworship 95.8
7. Rev David Alexander stopsleyvicar 95.2
7. Rev Paul Walker paulwalker71 95.2
9. Rev Phillip Ritchie philritchie 95
9. Rev Simon Rundell frsimon 95
9. Rev Lesley Fellows revdlesley 95
9. Rev David Keen davidmkeen 95
13. Rev Alastair McCollum revdal 94.4
14. Rev Arun Arora revarun 94
14. Rev James Ogley riggwelter 94
14. Rev Frog Orr-Ewing missionalfrog 94
14. Rev Kathryn Fleming goodinparts 94
18. Rev Evan Cockshaw pastorev 93
18. Rev Richard Johnson richjohnson 93
20. Rev David Cloake Frdavidcloake 92
20. Rev Jeremy Parsons jdap 92
20. Rev Ali Mepham kneewax 92

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